Cary's Singin Again

Cary's Singin' Again! will make your Sweet Adeline quartet or chorus a set of customized learning tapes for female barbershop harmony singers.   We create voice part tapes to your specifications including all four part, part omitted, and part alone or part predominant for Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass.   Uptune or ballad, we can make the tapes to strictly conform to the music, or can incorporate your interpretation.   If tempo is an issue, we can include a click track and instrumental version along with the vocal parts.

Cary's Singin' Again! is located in Poughkeepsie, New York, but can mail your customized tapes or CDs anywhere in the country.   I require proof that you have the rights to use the song arrangement , and enough definitiion of what you want in terms of tempo and customization so I can sing it to your interpretation.

Whether you are preparing a song for competition at regional contest, Christmas performances or your patriotic or Broadway annual show theme, I can provide clear note-perfect renditions to aid in your learning process.

Below are some samples of women's arrangements I have recorded...

Old Songs,
Old Friends

There Used To
Be A Ballpark
Can You Feel
The Love Tonight

Click on a link above to hear a sample of what I can do.

Or Click here to see a list of songs I have made for other people.

Email me at:   info[at]carysingin[dot]com

NOTE: No learning tapes will be provided
without evidence of proper license to use the material.